Trailer: Complete Unknown

The concept of being able to live out the life you want then when you want something new, to just pick up and vanish, is a concept that has probably occurred to a lot of people and is definitely intriguing, it’s also exactly what Alice (Rachel Weisz) has been doing for years. When Tom (Michael Shannon) and his wife throw a dinner party, he has no idea one of the guests will be a woman he loved that disappeared 15 years before and begs the question, where has she been all that time?

Rachel Weisz is not exactly the ultimate leading lady, so her ability to pull off such an interesting character is not a dead certainty but after a surprising turn in The Lobster last year, it’s also not impossible, especially with the support of not only Shannon but also Danny Glover and Kathy Bates. So here’s the first look at Complete Unknown:

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