The Neon Demon Official Trailer

Nicholas Winding Refn made waves with his cult hit Drive, but it clearly hasn’t caused him to gain any modesty with the new trailer for Neon Demon labelling him as a “visionary director”, a slight over exaggeration. With his last film Only God Forgives turning out to be a creep and cringe fest with little of value, it’s difficult to then get excited about this next film. With the acting of Elle Fanning, Christina Hendricks, Keanu Reeves and Jena Malone, it would seem like reason to be encouraged and the trailer is in fact interesting but with a fairly uninteresting plot revolving around the almost archaic modelling industry it feels as though it may be going down the same route. Until it’s released none of that is certain but it’s been a good few years now since Refn has given audiences something to claim a title such as “visionary director” and it’s not looking too set that Neon Demon will change that.

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