Ghostbusters First Trailer

Now if we’ve learnt one thing today, it’s this: if you want to find out how many misogynists or sexists there are out there, release a trailer for a female lead Ghostbusters film, I mean…wow. It has been over 30 years since the original, the reboot has been blessed by the original cast who have agreed to appear and put into the safe hands of Paul Feig, as well as having chosen a brilliant cast to bring out the comedy: Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig and Leslie Jones, should it not just get some credit for that to begin with? The trailer has now dropped and despite all the hate out there, actually looks like a fun film that at least from my perspective, looks to pay its dues to the original. There are certain films that are a bad idea and almost always turn out horribly, this is not one of them, when the people whose film it was in the first place have no qualms with it, then why should we? It’s a beloved franchise that really did more to harm itself with a much lesser quality sequel, than a female reboot could. Hating so harshly on something you’ve only seen 2 minutes of, is spiteful nonsense and there’s definitely plenty of absolute rubbish coming out every single week where that hate would be much better placed. And as I post this there’s just more and more, unsurprisingly from the type of geeky guys that love women taking part so long as it’s in skimpy outfits and costumes with ridiculous amounts of cleavage, the whole thing is just rather sad, so (unlike those people) keep an open mind and judge for yourselves by watching the trailer:

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