Superbowl Spots

The Superbowl may not have brought us a particularly good game, but as a consolation it does bring us a few short clips of this years big (and one fairly small) films, check out the best of the bunch:

1. Firstly we have yet another Deadpool clip, the hype for this film is getting ridiculous, fingers crossed the final product lives up to it:

2. Next up is the highly anticipated next Bourne instalment with Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass:

3. Captain America: Civil War should be epic and here’s a quick look at Cap flanked by our first look at Ant-Man in the wider Marvel universe:

4. Whether Independence Day: Resurgence will succeed who knows, but we do know that American films love to have any excuse to destroy London:

5. The X-Men films have been taken to a new level with the last (Days of Future Past) possibly instantly the best one made, but can they follow up to that with something even better, or possibly deadlier?

6. Cloverfield may not have made a massive name for itself immediately but over the years it has gathered itself quite the cult following and finally giving its fans a sequel in the form of 10 Cloverfield Lane, here’s a brief look:

7. Lastly the biggest of them all, a new full look at the upcoming live action Jungle Book, remaking an old classic is risky but there’s some big names behind these voices and at first glance what looks like a decent script:



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