Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Likely to be one of the big comedies of the summer, starring Zac Efron (Dave) and Adam DeVine (Mike) as brothers who have one too many times tainted their family gatherings by taking things one, two, twenty steps too far and causing mayhem and injury, this time when their sister’s wedding is approaching their parents decide that they must bring dates to stop them from going over the top. Anna Kendrick (Alice) and Aubrey Plaza (Tatiana) decide to take advantage of Adam and Dave to get themselves a free trip to Hawaii, the only catch? They have to pretend to be nice girls, which they certainly are not.

Directed by Jake Szymanski (7 Days in Hell) and written by Andrew Jay Cohen (Neighbours), having cast some of the top talent from comedy, really the only challenge for the film to succeed is to not go too far itself; being written by Cohen, judging it partially by his work on Neighbours, there is a likelihood that they may cross that line, but can there also be enough genuine humour to keep it going?

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