Free State of Jones

The story of Newton Knight played by Matthew McConaughey, one man leading rebels against the Confederate army during the Civil War (not to be confused with the upcoming Captain America film). This one could be wholly dependent on whether you are a fan of Civil War films; for everyone else who decides to watch it is a slight risk because the subject is not always one that provokes interest. Of course there’s the fact it is one man trying to fight for what is right and just, which is always appealing but the setting and can be off putting to some. There is definitely a story in this man’s history, and from what little I know I am not at all surprised this film has been made, I’m surprised it hasn’t been made previously; with an exception of a 1948 production which is loosely based on his story. A lot of what could make or break this production is whatever happened in the editing room, too long of a running time and it starts to lose the audience, too slow of a pace and it begins to drag but if both these things have been accomplished well then it should work. It’s success could also be helped or hindered by it’s director being Gary Ross, with only 3 films under his belt (Seabiscuit, Pleasantville, The Hunger Games), it still could go either way.

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