The Worst of 2015

Every year there are films that really did not need to be made, millions are sent straight down the drain on features that no one will benefit from watching, and here’s my pick of most unnecessary.

10. Taken 3


Liam Neeson himself said “Nobody gets taken three times”, well I’m sorry but I have to disagree because this was taking the audience for a ride for the third time, and not in a good way. The second film couldn’t capture what the first had, and a third attempt with a different angle simply took them further away from their original success.

9. Home


Though much wasn’t expected of this animated film, with it’s principal voices coming from Jim Parsons, Rihanna and Steve Martin; even less should have been expected not to be met from disappointment. The whole thing just falls flat, the humour and the characters don’t work well, and overall it’s poorly executed.

8. Absolutely Anything


You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to see that ever since Simon Pegg received more fame and a little recognition in Hollywood, his choices for projects have been questionable. This is a clear example of Pegg choosing a film with no real promise and a ridiculous plot, to which is only further ruined by having the late, great Robin Williams voice his dog. I hope Pegg’s choices for the next couple years will improve.

7. Pan


This telling of the story behind how Peter became Pan is like seeing inside a child’s head, where it’s all aesthetically fantastic but there’s nothing too substantial holding it all together. The film completely missed the tone of infinite hope and curiosity that the classics hold with such ease.

6. Minions


The question was, can the minions succeed in making a film without Gru and the girls to back them up? And the answer was a resounding no, sadly. The once cute and adorable minions now become slightly irritating and struggle to make a story worth watching without the human interaction we’ve seen in the other films.

5. Mortdecai


Johnny Depp had yet another attempt at throwing his career down the toilet, of course we now know he’s redeemed himself slightly with his role in Black Mass, but it doesn’t excuse the awful decision made to make this film.

4. The Interview

the interview

Should Seth Rogen and James Franco really be allowed to make nonsense films, whenever they feel a need to feed their egos? The amount of press and hype around this film because of its inherent problem with censorship was a complete waste of time and energy that could have been spent discussing films of a decent quality.

3. Hot Tub Time Machine 2


Trying to take the same formula and do it again, but different is tricky, and in this case the guys just didn’t succeed and hopefully have learned their lesson.

2. Jupiter Ascending


The sheer amount of time and money that went into making this film could have been better spent elsewhere, instead it was used for nonsense that will go down as the worst film the Wachowskis ever made. Throwing together a thousand different things with very little connection and even less sense, comes across on the screen as confused as it sounds.

1. Fantastic Four

fantastic four

This remake was never going to succeed, it was doomed before it started and yet they made it anyway and it bombed at the box office and in reviews. The story lacked depth, and the characters lacked the team spirit we know and love of the Fantastic Four, without which there is no film. The more serious comic book films get, the further away they are from why people loved them in the first place and this was so far, the furthest any have gotten.

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