X-Men: Apocalypse


Whether you’ve been waiting for this moment, or not, the trailer has arrived for Apocalypse and it’s a good one. Our first real view of our X-Men juniors, the characters we know and love from the original films but this time as teenagers and the events that shaped who they became. Adding onto that the most formidable villain yet to be seen in the X-Men films, a mutant of God-like proportion, intent on destroying the world. And of course our first view of a James McAvoy bald Professor X, which doesn’t sound like much but in the world of fandom/geekdom this is huge.

The quality of the last two films has been high, with the last (Days of Future Past) being one of the best, perhaps due to the aid of director Bryan Singer; he brought us the first ever X-Men film, one of the best and now one, perhaps, of the deadliest, it seems like a recipe for success. Plenty of glimpses of our new/old heroes and some fantastic action, watch now:

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