Spider-Man (2017)

While doing the press tour for In The Heart of the Sea, Tom Holland has of course had to answer questions about his future role as Spider-Man in the second round reboot; to which the idea has been brought about that the next film will be “the biggest independent film ever” and in the style of John Hughes.

I can understand the idea of trying to make the story relate-able and focus on Peter Parker’s life and not just swinging around high rises, but claiming to make an independent film with, most likely, a budget larger than the income of a small country is arrogance at it’s best. The idea of being a window into the life of a young boy who experiences something incredible and turns into an epic adventure is not something unique, it’s been done and several times over. Adding the comment that it will be to the style of a John Hughes film does not help it’s appeal, the majority audience who want to see a Spider-Man film are not going to be drawn in by the idea of a sweetheart high-school movie. This will be the 6th in the line of Spider-Man films and the third attempt at the franchise, it is highly likely that the comments made are intentionally trying to separate themselves from the, very recent, Andrew Garfield outings which is understandable but perhaps not the best way to go about it.

There’s extremely little information about the film to say what will happen, what we know so far is:

  • Spider-Man will be played by Tom Holland.
  • Aunt May will be played by Marisa Tomei.
  • It will (at this moment) be directed by Jon Watts (Cop Car, Clown).
  • It will be written by John Francis Daley (best known for playing the much-loved character Lance Sweets on Bones but has also written both Horrible Bosses films and Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2).

And that’s the lot, there’s no definitive evidence of what will happen with this one and with a 2017 release we do have a while to find out.

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