Pride & Prejudice & Zombies

Among the Star Wars frenzy and the Civil War hype you may have missed the release of this trailer, for the new mash up of classic literature with popular genre zombie film. Of course there are plenty of people who probably disagree with the entire idea of the book itself, but for now we’ll just look at the film alone.

There’s love and jealously but there’s also flesh eating zombies and some ass-kicking, the combination of these two could either be highly entertaining or it could leave the audience confused and unsatisfied by sitting on the fence of two genres. The last similar attempt being Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, it doesn’t give the most glowing of recommendations, though it was entertaining it was something you can easily push to one side. Back to the trailer itself, the one thing that really stands out is, of course the idea of women in the early 19th century turning from polite dance-going, romance seeking girls to kick-ass weapons of zombie destruction. The film also boasts a not insignificant cast: Lily James, Lena Headey, Matt Smith, Sam Riley, Douglas Booth, and Charles Dance, which should at least imply that there was a good enough script to get them involved.

This is one that could go either way, it could be good or it could be bad; it could also be that bad that it actually becomes good, it’s very hard to tell but at least from the trailer it looks like an interesting prospect and it’s one very clever way to get more people to watch period pieces. Watch the trailer below:

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