We Need To Talk About Trailers

While a good portion of the cinema going world is busy discussing the new (but admittedly intriguing) trailer for Captain America: Civil War, I want to talk about the ones that they’re missing out on starting with one which no doubt won’t get a tonne of traction but should be noted, The Bronze starring Big Bang Theory star Melissa Rauch. The story of a former bronze medalist gymnast who has to come to terms with her career ending injury as well as the fact her local fame is being challenged by a young up and comer. We all know Rauch as the squeaky voiced lovable but mean Bernadette, well get ready to see her in a different light, she has appeared in films before of course: I Love You, Man and Are You Here but this time it’s her in the spotlight. Rauch is foul-mouthed and taker of no shit as Hope, ready to say exactly what she thinks and does not care if it hurts you. The creation of a film of badly behaved adults who just can’t seem to move into adulthood without some serious resistance is not new, and definitely one that isn’t always successful, considering the difference between Step-Brothers and Young Adult however this looks like it has potential. Will she grow a heart and learn to not always say everything that pops into her head, or will she just carry on insulting and cursing for a long time to come? Watch the trailer below.

Next up is Knight of Cups, Terrence Malick’s newest project about an LA screen writer trying to make sense of the world around him, which isn’t acting so normal. This is a big starrer with Christian Bale taking the lead, followed by Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett as well as (deep breath) Teresa Palmer, Joe Manganiello, Nick Offerman, Wes Bentley, Imogen Poots, Jason Clarke, Joel Kinnaman, Antonio Banderas and that’s not even the entire list for the rest check out their IMDB page. Malick is not the most dependable for a fantastic film, they can be great yes but they push the serious questions of life and human behaviour rather than being films that entertain which isn’t great when focusing on attracting audiences but not taking away from their quality. Regardless this is a star studded cast which looks like some great performances, and one to be on your radar if it isn’t already. Start by watching the trailer below.

Then there’s Creed, the new story in the Rocky franchise headed by Michael B. Jordan loved for his work on Fruitvale Station and Chronicle but not so much for his recent outing as Johnny Storm in the ill-fated Fantastic Four reboot. However I cannot deny a story with a heart, an underdog and beating the odds, it’s a winning combination. The inclusion of Stallone gives the story its credibility and the idea of Apollo Creed’s son becoming a fighter is a reasonable story line, but the question is, can they capitalise on that and make a truly good film or is it just a gimic? Check it out below.

Lastly there’s one that I bring into the conversation with a little bit of reluctance, The Other Side Of The Door a horror starring Sarah Wayne Callies telling the story of a mother trying to get one last moment with her dead son but at what cost? It goes without saying that films like these have a probably 60/40 chance of being rubbish to actually being something watch-able and even possibly decent, so this is definitely not a dead cert and could be terrible but it is tempting and for that reason I’m including it. Decide for yourself below.

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