Huntsman – Trailer Release



After Snow White and The Huntsman was released the sequel announcement was not far behind but this time it was with one big difference, Snow White (Kristen Stewart) would not be returning apparently superfluous to the story at this point, or ousted from the cast perhaps. Instead the sequel will focus on original members Ravenna (Charlize Theron) and Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) but will some significant additions: Emily Blunt, Jessica Chastain and (my personal favourite) England’s treasure Sheridan Smith making one of her far too few big screen appearances.

Emily Blunt may be your favourite for kicking ass in Edge Of Tomorrow or Sicario or maybe for getting a laugh and tugging on your heartstrings in Five-Year Engagement or Sunshine Cleaning (which if you haven’t seen, add it onto your watchlists immediately, a must for Blunt fans) but this time around she’s trying her hand at making you despise, but secretly love, her as our newest villain Freya, sister to Ravenna. Having Blunt as the baddie is an interesting prospect definitely, it hasn’t been seen but it could have some fantastic results. Jessica Chastain however is joining the good guys as our newest Huntsman(woman) Sara, similarly to Blunt she’s already proved she can kick ass and take names, as well imageas being just a generally stellar actress though a large part of her involvement seems to be taking place as Hemsworth’s new love interest. The pairing of the two is an interesting match up but with Chastain being so much more than love fodder the hope is her character is more significant than that, otherwise it’s a poor misuse of her talents. Both actresses have relatively blemish free careers as of now and hopefully this film will not be a scar upon such great success stories.

Of course Theron is returning after turning Mad Max into Furious Furiosa, has she taken that success and such a brilliant performance to improve on her first outing as Ravenna? I certainly hope so. The first film was not entirely disappointing but it was equally not overwhelming, which perhaps says there’s a good reason to make a sequel, take the first and improve on it, make a better film rather than just another one. The new cast members and a different story may be able to do for the second what the first couldn’t achieve but equally it could be middling; though obviously we shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that this is one all about the men, this is definitely a film dominated by our leading ladies. For me the inclusion of Sheridan Smith is reason enough to check this one out in April.

Watch the trailer here:

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