How To Be Single – Trailer

how to be single

Up until yesterday this film had managed to be completely off my radar, didn’t know a thing about it somehow but nevetheless here it is. While we are slowly moving into a world where we can finally  have as many female centric comedies as male ones, giving us the era of “women can be funny too”, they were always funny by the way. So here come Rebel Wilson and Dakota Johnson to give us the classic bromance of two single guys looking for “the one”, except this time it’s women. Two young single girls in NYC bound for plenty of mishaps, one night stands and probably one very vital meet-cute, so far it’s all a bit been there done that; so can these two bring something new to the mix? With the help of director Christian Ditter (Love, Rosie) and writers Dana Fox (Couples Retreat) and Abby Kohn (The Vow).

For Wilson she’s never seemed to have had the chance to really bring the adult comedy, Pitch Perfect is too aimed at tweens to get too adult and her solo series was only one season long, while her other parts have all been in the supporting cast rather than lead. This may be the opportunity for Wilson to really show her comedy skills, which those of you who have watched any of the Pitch Perfect bloopers it’s clear improv is one skill she has tight in her back pocket. Whereas Johnson of course may just be trying to break out from being the girl from Fifty Shades; though she’s not new to comedy having previously appeared in 21 Jump Street, Five-Year Engagement and another short lived series Ben and Kate (created by writer of this film, Dana Fox).

Whether this is going to be hilarious or it’s a classic bait ‘n’ switch putting all the good jokes in the trailer is unknown, but our two leading ladies are supported by Alison Brie and Leslie Mann so there’s hope that this can be something good but we’ll find out in February.

Watch the trailer here:

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