Full Length ‘Allegiant’ Trailer Arrives

For the last instalment of the Divergent series we’ve been given something a little different, a film which isn’t split into two parts! A book trilogy made into a film trilogy, plain and simple, it makes a nice change. With the last outing we will get a chance to see Tris and the gang venture out over the wall and find out what’s really been waiting for them all these years, that they were so afraid to confront. This is the opportunity to spread the story out into a whole new world, a massive array of new characters and situations, though of course at some point they’re going to have to save the day because how else would it be a Divergent film?

Though at their base this is a decent film franchise, it just constantly feels as though its lacking something. With Hunger Games being the closest comparison to make, why is it when you take a look at the box office Hunger Games and it’s out doing Divergent by double the profit? One interpretation could just be the way that the stories are told, Divergent struggles more in making the story relatable to the audience, it’s more futuristic despite both being set in dystopian futures, and the characters are just more difficult to really invest yourselves in. While they do have the team dynamic and are like-able in the general sense, they just can’t pull on your heartstrings like a devastated Katniss volunteering for her beloved sister, from that moment on, you’re in it till the end, does Divergent really have any moments like that? Does the relationship between Tris and her Mother really hit as hard as Katniss and Primrose? The easy answer is no. Of course the comparison is solely to look at why a successful franchise isn’t doing even better than it already is, because it is definitely possible.

Divergent has a great, strong fan base and the films are based on decent books but the films just don’t live up to them. They have almost a mechanical quality to them, and although Shailene Woodley is an incredibly talented actress for her age, she doesn’t put Tris across as the strong fiercely independent young woman that she should be, it just doesn’t quite get there. Though Insurgent did well financially speaking, it didn’t quite live up to the first so this one really needs to knock it out the park. Let’s hope that the introduction of a whole new dynamic and giving a further explanation into what has really been going on the last two films, it’s possible this film can be better than it’s predecessors. For anyone whose read the books they will all know how very interesting this one could be, but there’s no saying what direction they’ve chosen to take and whether it will follow the path of the books. This is the last chance for Divergent to really blow people away, but does the trailer imply that it will? Decide for yourselves…

Check out the trailer here:

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