New Trailer: Alice Through The Looking Glass


The new trailer has arrived and all is well…until you get to the part where the ever ridiculous Sacha Baron Cohen shows up as our new villain “Time”. It has been five years since the original film hit the big screens with a stellar cast and gave us a modern adaptation of the old classic, now it’s time to take to the sequel but can it live up to expectation?

Almost the entirety of the original cast is back for the sequel which is the first good sign, were it to be made missing the favourites from the first film it would be likely to flop. The second good sign is the actual content of the trailer, it doesn’t make it appear that it’s just some fluff of a story to make more money. This time around our Alice is a little older and wiser but must return to Wonderland, and when she does she will not find that everything is just as she left it. Yet again it is her time to shine and save her strange but wonderful friends. This is a cast that can be readily depended on to give another fun performance to produce an entertaining film that makes it worth creating a sequel, which is not something that can be said around 70% of the time these days.

Back to Sacha Baron Cohen, personally I find his performances for mostly whatever he may be in constantly irritating and over the top, if not simply completely ridiculous, so his inclusion in this film makes me a little anxious to his potential ruining of it. However if you consider the director, James Bobin, it is hardly surprising that the only main new cast member is Cohen given that Bobin also directed Ali G and so is of course familiar with Cohen. Coincidentally the only performance of Cohen’s I have been able to stand was also opposite Depp, in Sweeney Todd and perhaps the loaning of his voice for Madagascar but for me those are the only moments of his career I can stomach to watch. The appeal of any of his usual films baffles me but if like in Sweeney Todd he can prove that he can give slightly more than his usual buffoon behaviour then there should not be a problem.

With Bobin directing it’s uncertain whether it can really live up to the Tim Burton take in the first instalment but the set up appears to be a good one and fingers are crossed it will be worth the 6 year wait.

Check out the trailer here:

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