November At A Glance

This month is going to be a slow build up to some fantastic releases that I can’t wait for, so here are my picks…

brooklynBrooklyn – 06/11

Now romantic films can usually be hit-or-miss and not always the best of the best but when one comes along that just from the trailer actually looks decent they’re worth a watch. This time it’s Saoirse Ronan playing an Irish immigrant in the 1950’s who feels much too removed from what she knows after she arrives in America until she finds someone to explore it with, until a tragedy sends her back home to Ireland and a once unattainable match is now up for grabs, what will she decide?. Will she choose a new life in the new world, or what she knows in the place she was born. This is Ronan’s first stab at real romance, at least with her as the protagonist and it will be interesting to see how she adapts to it.

Reviewed here:

steve jobs

Steve Jobs – 13/11

Now while this may be one that I, myself am not actually that in anticipation of, what I’ve read and seen of it makes me inclined to include it here. Michael Fassbender has become readily dependable for incredible performances and it seems as though this is going to be another. The film takes a look at the launch of three different products in three different times of Jobs’ life illustrating his life and how he affected the lives of those around him. It’s undeniable in the current world that this man is a fairly iconic figure, and so making a biographical film is a logical step, the question is can it be good enough to be a great film for its own merit rather than the subject matter? With Aaron Sorkin and Danny Boyle it’s highly likely.

Review here:

lady in the van

The Lady in The Van – 13/11

This one is not likely to be an automatic classic or one that you absolutely must see, but from what’s been shown already it looks like a bit of fun. Maggie Smith in a comedic role is something that is enticing, as someone who very much enjoys her quips throughout Harry Potter, putting her in a wholly comedic role seems like a great idea. The premise is this; after a woman shows up on Alan’s (Alex Jennings) street, he decides to offer her his drive to park her home/van in, in what turns out to be a rather long-term decision, 15 years to be exact, an unlikely friendship of great proportion.

Review here:

mockingjay part 2

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 – 19/11

I realise there will be plenty of people who are not fans of the franchise but for a series that only started in 2012 it has grown so exponentially you cannot refuse to acknowledge it, you have to give it some real credit. Personally I’m a big fan, and not a fan of people who will purposely not like something because its too mainstream, this is young adult fiction adaptation at its absolute best, it has only gotten better. This time around will be the last and definitely one that will leave it’s audience blown away, because it will be going out with a bang…actually lots of them, fans will mourn for more than just the end of the series. It is time for the rebels to take on the capital and it will be their toughest and deadliest challenge yet, I can’t wait.

Reviewed here:

black mass

Black Mass – 27/11

This film has a host of great actors who are gracing the poster above, which gives it its first leg up but second is that this could be the film to redeem Johnny Depp’s career, it’s been several years since Depp appeared in anything of note; his last decent part was the mad hatter in Alice In Wonderland, five years and twelve appearances ago. Telling the story of renowned gangster and FBI most wanted Whitey Bulger, part of the Mafia who became an informant, this is unlikely to be boring…or particularly peaceful.

Reviewed here:

bridge of spies

Bridge of Spies – 27/11

Spielberg and Hanks are reunited, this time in a cold war story of real life lawyer James B. Donovan, enlisted to defend a Soviet spy and then used to facilitate an exchange of that spy for one of their own held by the Soviets. This won’t be the first time these two tackle a story based in non-fiction, after the less than appreciated The Terminal which in my opinion is a fantastically heart-warming story. The collaboration of these two legends of film is one that automatically gets added to must watch lists and it is definitely on mine for this month without hesitation.

Reviewed here:


Carol – 27/11

This is a film that I have been eagerly awaiting for months now and will be seeing as soon as possible. Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara are no doubt giving performances of their lifetime in this story of love, difficulty and change set in the 1950’s. With a trailer that gives me chills, I have no doubt that this will be one not to miss this year, especially given it is most certainly bait for a particular golden statue. Blanchett may already be well established, but this is time for Mara to shine, she hit into the film world hard with Girl With The Dragon Tattoo but hasn’t really knocked anyone’s socks off in a while, this is her chance.

Reviewed here:

Also out: Burnt (06/11), He Named Me Malala (06/11), Kill Your Friends (06/11), Scouts Guide To The Zombie Apocalypse (06/11), The Runner (06/11), Fathers and Daughters (13/11), The Hallow (13/11), Closer To The Moon, (13/11), The Dressmaker (20/11), The Perfect Guy (20/11), The Good Dinosaur (27/11)

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