Big Short – Trailer Update


Throw together some big names all in one film and the second you release any video whatsoever people will begin to inevitable say one thing…that it’s bound for the Oscars, it’s only natural I suppose. This time those names are Brad Pitt, Steve Carrell, Christian Bale and Ryan Gosling and they’re playing men in the midst of an economic downturn, some that are benefiting and others that are trying to stop them profiting from people’s misery. Putting a host of big actors together does not necessarily a good film make, more often than not having too many in one film tends not to go well and end in a muddled film of middling quality. Of course we can’t actually judge the quality until the film is released so it’s only theoretical but it’s a little bit of a gamble. The rest of the gamble is the choice of director, fan favourite Adam McKay well-known for directing the Anchorman films as well as Step Brothers and The Other Guys; but how can he handle a serious film? Will he try to sneak a few too many sly jokes in there? We are talking about the man who directed the short film ‘Good Cop, Baby Cop’. If he can pull this off it will do wonders for his career but it’s definitely no dead cert, no matter how many famous names you can throw on the poster.42-70476011

Disregarding the fact that Gosling hasn’t had a successful film since 2012 with Place Beyond The Pines and that’s being slightly generous, and that Pitt’s Fury fell flat on its face, and that Cbigshort1hristian Bale’s last two roles were Moses and Irving Rosenfeld, and that Carrell…well actually I don’t have a bad word to say about Carrell he proved ten fold that he can do serious, with his unforgettable performance in Foxcatcher. But overall these are very famous actors not having the hottest time in their careers and maybe this will turn it around maybe it won’t, time will tell. But with the release date estimated for December they will have the herculean task of trying to at all compete with the new Star Wars film…good luck with that.

After a fair few films chronicling economic periods of distress I would have thought we were past them but apparently not since next up is 99 Homes with Andrew Garfield a film about repossession of houses, before Big Short is released. It would seem like there are so much better choices for material, granted that Wolf of Wall Street turned out to be utterly fantastic but that was a combination of comedy and just ridiculous behaviour, based on the insane life of one man but then again that was also directed by Scorsese. I’d generally rather see something more exciting and engaging than a film about greedy men trying to rip off the common people and make the rich richer, there’s enough of that going on in real life butbigshort2 who knows.

Having such big actors in one place doesn’t make it a tough sell and it’s no big assumption to say that plenty of people will go and see this film, but will it be worth it? We will have to wait and see.

Check out the trailer here:

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