The Martian: Trailer Update


The Martian can already be considered a film that is highly anticipated for this year, with the first trailer giving us a look at what it’s all about and it’s some pretty heavy stuff, although generally any film that dabbles with space travel can usually expected to be of an extremely serious nature. Putting that aside for the moment, the new trailer shows us the lighter side of things and a closer look at the main players. As anyone whose seen the first trailer will well know Matt Damon is going to get stuck on Mars all on his lonesome, but for the moment after being in a test isolation for 10 days the question he has is, how does Aquaman control whales? Although a valid question it wouldn’t have been the expectation after the first trailer but it is most definitely welcome, not to mention apt with Aquaman making a return to the big screen in the not too distant future.

As people will already know this film has a cast to boast about, with Matt Damon at the helm and Jessica Chastain, Michael Pena, Kate Mara and Sebastian Stan backing him up. With every one of them coming off another hot film and into this one, Chastain from Interstellar and soon to be seen in Crimson Peak. Pena has just made big news in being the best thing to come out of the recent Ant-Man, Mara in the new adaptation of Fantastic Four which I won’t comment on until I have seen but it’s fair to say there are many that aren’t exactly pumped for it. Lastly Stan who is probably best known as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier, currently to be seen in Meryl Streep starrer Ricki and The Flash before he’s back again in Captain America: Civil War. Like I said it’s fair to say it’s a cast to boast about, and that’s only a few.

It’s also a great strategy of the team behind The Martian to release a comedic trailer after a serious one, giving audiences another reason to see the film for those that were not already enticed by the first and that it isn’t going to be all work and no play. This year is most definitely a huge one for the box office with Jurassic World breaking records and the new Star Wars film on its way, The Martian looks like it might just be another to gather many millions.

To be released on October 2nd (after trading an early November release with James McAvoy/Daniel Radcliffe starrer Victor Frankenstein).

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