American Ultra – Trailer Update


The third trailer for American Ultra has appeared and each one shows more ass-kicking than the last, it’s as if Pineapple Express and Bourne had a baby and here it is. Jesse Eisenberg is our anti-hero with stoner charm a-plenty, with Kristen Stewart as his girlfriend/sidekick. Main guy Mike is just rolling through life when a random occurrence pulls out the truth that he’s secretly an agent of the government and has some serious killing skills, even with a spoon. Although it seems a strange choice of Topher Grace as a bad-guy, he hasn’t had the greatest career trajectory as of late after finishing up with That 70’s Show but maybe this can turn things around for him. For Eisenberg it’s a role reminiscent of Columbus in Zombieland, a nervous unexpectedly capable hero who will win you over in the end, while for Stewart it’s probably a bonus to have a role that might portray her as slightly more approachable rather than the usual moody closed off characters we’re used to.

This is perhaps a film where the premise sounds ridiculous but if they can pull it off it will be hilarious, so long as all the good lines aren’t in the trailer and the rest of the film will be missing laughs. What’s needed is a mix of comedy and action that’s been achieved recently with films like 21 Jump Street, something that won’t take itself too seriously and is all about the fun of things rather than trying to really impress anyone. From what we can see it should be on the right track but we’ll have to wait until the 4th of September to find out.

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