Ghostbusters – The Reboot

It is one of the most beloved franchises around the globe despite only ever releasing two films, so it’s inevitable that you’re going to get someone (or many someones) who are ready and waiting to shoot down anything that appears not to be what they know and love. So there’s the dilemma of the new all female reboot of the original, directed and written by Paul Feig. I cannot claim to be the world’s biggest Ghostbusters fan but I do respect the films for the classics that they are, I don’t go gaga every time I hear that song (though it does get stuck in my head) or if I see a cool replica of a prop, so I don’t have any bias against this new approach.

Quite honestly I think it looks fantastic, these women: Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones should be able to do for Ghostbusters what the guys did the first time around. Comedy is constantly changing, and these ladies seem like the right people for the job, all having proven already their success in that arena, and let’s face it after decades upon decades of men always being given the good lines and women in the back looking scared or confused or just for their looks, it is finally and thankfully the ladies turn to take the lead. Also for which I’ve got my fingers crossed that Chris Hemsworth is going to be as equally useless of a receptionist as Janine.

What we’ve seen so far seems to give some hope, first we saw the new proton pack, then the new suits and then the new ECTO 1, all of which just cling to the word awesome as much of a cliche as it may be…

ghostbusters 3ghostbusters 2  ghostbusters 4

So let’s be fair, the ladies do those suits justice, so far nothing has completely departed from what the originals gave us, just with an added twist to make it their own. The group photo shows us our new Ghostbusters in their (maybe not best but even so) ready to kick some ghost ass poses. But has any of this really subdued the die-hard fans? Well if not then Feig has another trick up his sleeve, this week it was announced that the new film will in fact have a cameo from Stantz himself, Mr. Dan Akroyd who as most people will know also co-wrote both original films with Harold Ramis. So if the fans were so reluctant to give the reboot any credit surely having an endorsement from Akroyd himself must ease them into thinking that maybe…just maybe on this very rare occasion, the reboot could actually be a good thing. Fingers crossed that it is, there may be a year to wait but mark your calendars cause on 22 July 2016 Ghostbusters will be hitting the big screens.

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