The Bourne…Confusion

                                      bourne          bourne 2

Recent news tells us that the old team are back together again: Matt Damon, Paul Greengrass and Julia Stiles. Though previously said that Damon and Greengrass would not be coming back to the series prompting the Bourne Legacy to be made with Jeremy Renner taking over as messed up hero number 2. Myself and (this is an assumption here, but I don’t think a big leap) most of the world must admit to preferring the first trilogy to even a second of the reboot/retool version. Legacy appeared to be some strange version of Bourne where the protagonist has the skills just not a real story to apply them to, it was over 2 hours of a junkie who was going to die if he has to go cold turkey so he grabs Rachel Weisz to help him find his next hit; and I genuinely believe I cannot be the only person who saw the film this way. Yet despite this and the films generally mixed reception added onto the fact there is now the certainty of a (have to say it) PROPER Bourne sequel, the Legacy sequel is still going ahead? Which leads me to the confusion, the studio now has two Bourne films on the go at once, do we really need both? The likelihood is we will receive Renner before Damon gets back on the scene. Though in pretty much every way this makes sense; most of all, for me that it seems highly likely that if the Damon version were released first why would so many people then go to see Renner a few months later? To my mind, making a real sequel to Bourne Ultimatum completely negates the need for another outing for Renner, and it can just be put down as a middling success and leave it at that; making $276 million worldwide is nothing to sniff at but then again Ultimatum made $442, just saying. So with both films going ahead it seems as if the studio just has too much already put into the Legacy sequel to let it go, but also couldn’t let go the chance when they got Damon and Greengrass back in the picture. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this project doesn’t hit too many bumps with all involved being generally busy people, which could cause it to be pushed back a fair amount but I know I will still be eagerly awaiting the result and unhappy to see Renner take another swing at it unless they really put something special out the bag; but either way there’s still a huge conflict of interest here and will be interesting to see how everything turns out.

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