Films To Look For In July

The first week of the month gives us:


  • Amy – The documentary on the life of Amy Winehouse, personally it isn’t something I’m wanting to watch but for anyone whose paid attention its got good coverage and for anyone whose I fan I would think it will be worth a watch. The downfall is like any film that tells the life of an actual person who has sadly passed its tricky territory to please everyone but being brought to us by the same director that brought us Senna good things can be hoped for.


  • Magic Mike XXL – Now for those like me who watched the first film to give it a go, and were just disappointed with how the plot went from fun to depressing too fast and just ended up being not as advertised. This is their chance to give the world the film they expected from the first. I love deep, complicated, thought-provoking films as much as the next person but then there needs to be films that their purpose is not meaning or moral it is simply to watch 90+ minutes of something fun, and it looks as though with the addition of Elizabeth Banks and Jada Pinkett Smith it may just work this time around. Reviewed here:


  • Terminator: Genisys – (or 5 whichever you prefer) seems to have the potential to be the first decent terminator film in 14 years since Judgement Day became iconic. A new plot putting terminators into the frame much earlier than we’re accustomed and giving a whole different dynamic of Sarah and John Connor seems like it will be an interesting thing to watch unfold, I have high hopes.

Moving on to the second week:


  • Love and Mercy – if you’re like me and have watch Elizabeth Banks in everything from Role Models to 30 Rock to Pitch Perfect you’ll realise that most films she’s in are worth giving a watch for her performance alone if nothing else. Though ignoring that this does actually seem to be a decent interesting story about Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys and a story of personal struggle which will work out to be worthwhile.

There are a couple others of that week that I could mention but they will not be things I would reccommend looking out for, involving foul mouthed bears and disturbing premises that were once banned in several countries; so we move on to the next week.


  • Ant-Man – I cannot say that I won’t always have wanted to see the Wright/Cornish version over the Reed version because as the majority of us English I love the cornetto trilogy, but nevertheless I do think this is one to definitely look out for. Since films like the Joel Schumacher Batmans its generally a no go to have a superhero film that’s like the good old days where they could be silly or comical without it being simply a sarcastic witty line, today they have to be dark and gritty, but here comes Ant-Man and it feels as though its going to give a little bit of the old hilarious hijinks back to the cinema (even if it is still also going to be something to take seriously). Reviewed here:


  • Self/Less – soon to be seen as Deadpool Ryan Reynolds is taking a turn for the serious first in this film about transferring your consciousness to a younger body to become immortal, which of course: as it always does, has serious reprecussions. I think it seems like an intersting take on what people are willing to do to avoid death.


  • True Story – Now here’s where I’m a little sceptical, on basic premise a man interviewing the killer who stole his identity definitely intrigues me, but then you add in that the main characters are played by James Franco and Jonah Hill that’s where I’m not so sure. Though then you have to consider Franco in films like Milk and briefly in The Iceman and give him a shot and Hill has proved himself through his performance in Wolf of Wall Street and Moneyball so I’m looking forward to it, if warily.

Moving on to the last week of July we have one of the films I’m definitely looking forward to:


  • Inside Out – now yes it is animated and would be put into the category of a kids film by some, but to me it looks like a huge hit, the voice actors are just a list of genuinely hilarious people: Amy Poehler, Bill Hader, Mindy Kaling, among others. With the last few years of pixar being Brave, Monsters University and now Inside Out, it looks to be a third success and I can’t wait. Check out the review:


  • Maggie – again this is another one I’m wary of but just want to see for the sake of it, a disease that slowly turns people into zombies? Yes please. Seeing Arnie do something serious alongside Abigail Breslin simply is something that I’m curious about as I’m sure many other people are, even if it doesn’t (and likely will) turn out not to be very good.


  • Southpaw – now we’ve all seen the pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal’s transformation from skinny crazy eyes in Nightcrawler to muscled champ for this film, that alone is impressive but from what can be gathered from the tralier it seems like a heartfelt film. Anyone who like me has a soft spot for films like Warrior with Tom Hardy and the more well received Fighter will Mark Wahlberg and Christin Bale, this film is a must for July.

So that’s it, there may be more that other people are looking forward to and I’d love to hear about them, I’m always open to suggestions on what to watch. 11 films, 31 days (give or take how long they last in the cinema: I’m predicting long runs for Terminator: Genisys, Ant-Man, Inside Out and very possibly Magic Mike XXL) plenty to look forward to.

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